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Myle Meta Device Navy Blue

Myle Meta Device Navy Blue

Myle Meta Device Navy Blue

4.2 ★ (9 customer reviews) 672+ bought in past month

Myle Meta Device Navy Blue [1 Device]

AED 79 AED 120

  • What is in the Box: 1 Rechargeable Vape device

  • Battery: 380mah rechargeable battery

  • Technology: Anti-leak technology

  • Charger: Type C charger

  • Compatible With: Myle Meta V5 Pods

Vendor : Myle Dubai

Product SKU : MYLEVUAE4011114

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Product Details

Navy Blue Myle Meta Device: 1X Rechargeable Device, 1 Type C Charger Per Pack

Immerse yourself in a world of enhanced vaping with our Navy Blue Myle Meta Device from our distinguished Nicotine Delivery (ND) Vape Devices collection. This device represents the pinnacle of technological advancement and durability, encased in an irresistibly sleek and stylish design.

Our Navy Blue Myle Meta Device incorporates revolutionary Patented leak-proof technology, revolutionizing the traditional Isolation technology to ensure a seamless, leak-free experience that is synonymous with MYLE devices. The Meta Pod System is a futuristic feature that activates 2 metal prongs as soon as the pod is inserted into the device. These prongs create a seal within the pod, saturating the coil with e-juice and minimizing the wait time for the first inhale - typically between 30 seconds to a minute.

At the heart of the Navy Blue Myle Meta Device lies a robust 380mah battery, working in harmony with the Mesh coil. This combination allows for even heat distribution, ensuring a consistent flavor throughout your vaping sessions. Our advanced mesh coil technology prevents buildup and provides a smooth draw with no burning, resulting in an unparalleled vaping experience. This next-generation device, equipped with a larger tank, is perfect for those seeking extended vaping sessions.

Key Features:

  • Nicotine Delivery (ND) Vape Devices
  • Patented leak-proof technology
  • Isolation technology
  • 2 metal prongs
  • Mesh coil
  • 380mah battery
  • Flavor distribution

Your Navy Blue Myle Meta Device package includes one Rechargeable Vape device, a Type C charger, and a User manual. Please remember to remove the Rubber stoppers from both the top and bottom of the Pods before inserting them into your Device. It's important to note that the Meta Device is ONLY compatible with Meta Pod.

We hope you enjoy the exceptional vaping experience that our Navy Blue Myle Meta Device offers, as we strive to provide you with the utmost satisfaction in your vaping journey.

Available Flavors in MYLÉ Vape : Elite White, Jet Black, Racing Green,

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Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Al-Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Dubai,





I absolutely love my Myli Meta device in navy blue! Using this product is truly a thrilling experience. The design and functionality are top-notch, and it's become an essential part of my daily routine.veryday life.



Hanan Yahya Mohammed

I recently purchased the navy blue Myle Meta device and I absolutely love it! The color gives me all the navy vibes that I was looking for. The fast charging feature is a huge plus, making it convenient for my on-the-go lifestyle. I highly recommend this



Adeel Gul

I purchased the stylish and unique Myle Meta V5 pod in a striking navy blue color with a distinctive design.



Andrey Tsepov

I purchased this item specifically for its color and stylish appearance, and I can assure you that it looks very attractive.



Humaid hareb

I am truly impressed by the exceptional quality.



Soraya Bahrami

The package was received in flawless condition and the delivery arrived right on time.



Suhail Almazrouei

I appreciate how hand-friendly this device is. I am highly impress by the quality of this product. It's look amazing.







Najla aziz

I saw this product in my friend's hand the color was looking so stylish as i received this product the color came exactly as i expected.

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